20 km door Brussel

Aanstaande zondag lopen weer duizenden sportievelingen door de straten tijdens de 20 km door Brussel. Weerman Frank voorspelt een zwoele dag dus beste lopers, zeker deze tips van Hidditin acht nemen! Veel succes én plezier natuurlijk! #fittip


This weekend, the weather will be very warm, up to 30 degrees. A lot of athletes have a race this weekend. How do you do this safely?
Read these tips!

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Probably the most important tip. start well hydrated: check the color of your urine, which must be very light and pale.
Drink during the 2 hours before the race 10 ml of water per kilo body weight. 15 minutes before the start you drink 250-500 ml of isotonic, and every quarter of the race you drink at least 125 ml of isotonic.
Do not drink only water during the race: this contains no salts and will not hydrate you as well as a isotonic. It doesn't bring you energy, either.

2. Customize your clothes

Look at Saleta Castro who has already finished 15 Ironmans, sometimes in great heat: wear a cap or visor on your head. This could prevent a sunstroke. Some athletes even put icecubes in their hats.
Also wear sportswear that drains your sweat properly, in a light color.

3. Keep an eye on your heart rate

Per 1 % you dehydrate, your heart rate can go up 3-5 beats per minute. So wear a heart monitor and check your heart rate regularly. Don't go for a personal record, but listen to your body.

4. Look up shadow

If you can, walk or bike in the shade. Some athletes even run as much as possible on the white lines on the asphalt to make their feet heat less quickly!

5. Take sufficient salt in advance

Take 3500-4000 mg sodium in the 24 hours before the race, through your nutrition and our isotonic. This will help you to stay hydrated during the race.

6. Cool yourself with water

Regularly throw water over your head, or walk through the water curtain that the fire department sometimes provides: this helps to dissipate the heat.

And above all, listen to your body. Do you get dizzy, nauseous, confused? Slow down or stop, get some shade and hydrate!

Happy racing!


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